Killjam's Domain

My own Personal page away from tumblr. I'm a 22 year old canadian female learning HTML for the first time.


Welcome to my site!


Not as fancy as the other sites you can find here, but I'm learning as I go as I continue how to study HTML. I orginally came here out of boredom one late night thanks to a post on tumblr that came acrossed my dash talking about neocities. I became quickly inerested in it and decided to try my hand at HTML coding outside of minor edits on the theme codes I copy and paste for my blog on tumblr. So far I have been having a fun experience with all of this, sure there was a few times I got a bit confused on how to do a few things but I was able to get through it at some point.


everything I've collected for this site

/*Sakura falling code*/