Creation of this page (06/07/2022)

as I continue to learn HTML, I've decided to make a seperate page for my own personal updates and such. Normally I don't really have a good time keeping up with a journal, commitment is hard for me in any way tbh, but I really hope as I continue to work on my site I can keep the motivation to write out my life as I get through it.

Warm weather (07/07/2022)

I live in Canada, I'm a Canadian and I love the cold winters. So when the summer comes around, I do not do well in the heat. I have a intolerance to it and it doesn't take a lot to make me feel like dying. I don't have an A/C so I mostly rely on fans that just move air around the room. Yeah, they don't really help that much. Right now it is currently 20c at 7:01PM MST. Anything above 15c is considered warm to me so I am not fairing well as I type this. Depending on my luck I might be able to get an A/C tomorrow off of amazon, but I'll be sure to check any local stores to see if there's cheaper options.

Summer boredom and rogers outage (09/07/2022)

Writing this out of pure boredom right now. This is going to be less of an life update and more of a "hey this is what happened as of late". So if you're not in Canada, you probably didn't hear about the outage of one of the largest telecom companies in Canada "Rogers" (mostly popular in the East). Everything they provided was down. Interenet, phones, debit card stuff, and I think TVs as well I don't know for sure, but they were all down. I use Telus so it didn't affect me but not being able to make any payments at the store was anxiety inducing. At least I have an A/C now!

JavaScript learning and some other things (13/07/22)

So I was able to recently get my hands on an A/C for the first time ever in my life and holy hell is it a blessing. Trying not to use it too much as my dad warned me they take a lot of power and I don't need the power bill to go up any higher. Aside from that I have dipped my toes into the world of JavaScript at a recommendation of a friend. Might as well learn something new. Its been a bit though as I'm kinda a slow learner but I'm getting there. Unlike HTML, I don't really know where to practice JavaScript. Like with HTML I have neocities to thank, I can freely practice the language here and try to make a decent looking site.

Python and life updates (20/07/2022)

So the sight I was using to learn Javascript now wants me to pay a pretty high price (for me) to continue using it so in the mean time I have switched to another site to learn Python. I usually do it at night when I can't sleep so I have something to do up until around 3am when the america server on genshin impact resets. Other than that I haven't been up to much other than spending more money on genshin lol. My brother didn't like it, especially since it was on an alt server account I spent the money on but oh well at least I have Klee now :)

Oops (09/11/2022)

Kinda forgot nerocities existed for a good while, oops! I'll have to brush up on my HTML skills but I'll try to get back into the swing of things again! Hopefully lol. Anyways, for the things that happened while I was away- I forgot. Sorry lol. Too much happened for me to be able to recall it all tbh

Where I keep my personal/life updates at. I don't have a lot to say in general, but I hope to keep this updated as I go through my days. My life is pretty plain for the most part tbh, so there won't be anything too special here but if you do bother to read through it I really do appreicate it